London Op1 Meet/Jam

I’ve been pondering this for ages, but haven’t really done much about it, but seeing as I have a music studio in Brixton that should be able to fit a good bunch of folk, I wondered if anyone would be interested in a bit of a social/jam meet up? If there’s a few interested, I’ll try and organise a date and plan something.

[ … ] seeing as I have a music studio in Brixton [ … ]
Sounds like you’re suggesting to push things forward :wink:

I’ve started visiting London for work more often now, so depending on when you’re thinking of doing this, I might be able to come.

great! sounds like I need to come up with some firmer plans and ideas first I guess. watch this space.

I’m absolutely in. On the other end of the Victoria line so that’d be an easy one.

Nice one! BTW, if anyone’s interested, I’ll be doing an OP1 and modular live set at Old St Records this Friday around 10pm. It’s free entry before 10. First time trying to take the modular out live so not sure what I’ll be doing just yet!

Yo! Absolutely. I’m in Camberwell/Peckham. Let’s do this !