Long time signatures on the OP-Z

Hi people, just wondering if anybody’s figured out how to set longer time signatures, or step lengths, beyond 16/4, on their OP-Z?
I’ve been trying to recreate one of my old bands’ more complicated songs DAWless and BANDless… it’s called 9:30, kinda dedicated to Weather Report’s 8:30, but using 9.5/4 time signature (ok, sure, let’s call it 19/4)… I managed to get this by running my Syntakt/Octatrack to 19/4 and nudging the settings back 1/32 on step 10 to get that 9.5/4 restart for the second run through on the 19/4. Works great, but I really wanted some samples and real-time effects from the OP-Z.
Maybe if there was a way of setting time to 10/4, and nudging or offsetting back to 9.5/4?
Anybody know how???
Sounds great with just playing the tape machine and step components, but I play MIDI guitar and I’d rather set it up on the sequencer…
Thanks, hopefully, in advance…

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Ok, this is a really interesting challenge. I’m pretty sure the song can be recreated, though it might require you to either use step components in a tricky way OR split it up into one pattern of 9/4 and one pattern of 8/4.

Assuming every part is in 19/8 (maybe?) you’d be limited you to 8 patterns and it would affect how you chain your patterns.

That said, the approach really depends on the song itself. Is there any chance you could share a demo or recording of a part? If so, any notes you might have on chords or tempo would also be helpful.

Yea, I just saw this YT vid, that apparently I had viewed quite a long time ago… and it goes through running a pattern over extended shorter patterns. In the video he uses the technique to keep the higher resolution, whereas I’d need to get to that upstroke between the 9 and the 10 count. Doubled, this would be between 18 and 20, so it would become 19/4 (or 19/8 considering how the drummer assaults it). The original is just a practice tape, too out of whack to sample so I thought I’d ‘simply’ redo it myself. The system here doesn’t let me upload the mp3, so I’ll try to find a moment to upload it somewhere and post a link (at work now…). Anyways thanks!