Longevity of OP-1

This is only a question to people who have had their OP-1 a long time.

I noticed that the weak point of the OP-1 is ithe connector board. And knowing my other gadgets that constantly plugging unplugging headphone jacks power cables etc decreases the lifespan quite a bit as the jacks are often the weak point. So after already doing this a few times im thinking why not leave the headphones and usb plugged in permanently. Is this what others do?

If your OP-1 is blu-tac’d down to a desk and your wires are secure and dont move then yes it will massively reduce the risk of connector board failure.

But if you are moving your OP-1 around all the time then I’d take out the headphones and USB whenever it’s being moved around.

Just treat it like the expensive piece of kit that it is and not like a toy and you shouldn’t have any problems.

I find a right-angled headphone jack seems to make a difference in this case. it’s definitely not “built like a tank” - far from it, so being extra gentle when plugging those connectors in/out also helps.

I don’t want to jinx things for myself, but I’ve been a moderately heavy user of the Op-1 (most weekdays) for about 5 years. I take it on the train, protected by the unit portables case and, like @spacetravelmadeeasy and @eesn suggest, have treated it well and been gentle where I can. So far, so good. The only problems I have with mine are little cracks up each of the encoders (which I never notice unless I look for them) and once I got a little bit of dust under one of the keys which made it act funny (the latter being dead easy to sort out - pop the key out, blow the dust out, put the key back on).