Looking for a label to release an OP-1 based EP

I have recently been working to finish an EP with seven tracks exclusively done on the OP-1, + one single ‘real’ acoustic instrument for each track (done in a DAW afterwards). The genre would be somewhere between synth-based neo-classic and video-game-music, I guess. Each track is based on one of the seven modal scales (dorian, phrygian, …) and each track is also characterizing some wildlife animal.
Does anybody know some labels that might be interested in such an OP-1 release (or OP-1+1, that is)?
All ideas are appreciated! Thanks!

i presume this is for a digital, not vinyl release?
for vinyl, labels were useful because they gave you distribution to stores. pressing up records is easy. getting them into stores (online or brick and mortar) is always the hard part.

so, i’m wondering what role do digital labels play? given no pressing is needed and we already have the interwebs for distribution of digital things.

Probably getting the music into the hands of people who can propogate it to the masses. Spotify playlists are the new radio. But the biggest ones are controlled by the labels I believe.