Looking for a spare connector board / i/o board

Hey guys,

As some of you may know, I’ve been without my OP-1 for a while now; partly due to firmware issues (since resolved) and a malfunctioning connector board. Initially I thought the only issue with my board was the power-switch, which I resolved with a cludgy but strangely satisfying hack…

Unfortunately, after being overjoyed at getting the old girl back in action, I quickly realised (once I plugged in some stereo speakers) that the right channel is completely dead. I’ve tried sourcing a replacement board but TE don’t supply them directly anymore and ifixit haven’t had any available for some time (both EU and US) I’m on the waiting list but I’ve been informed that the wait may be "unreasonably long"

As such, I’m reaching out to the community. I’d be willing to buy a spare board from somebody, in fact at this stage I’d settle for a board with a non-functional mic, a problem that I know plagued quite a few people and lead them to get a replacement.

If you think you could help a fellow operator out, please let me know - we can share contact details via the messaging system and I’d be happy to pay upfront via PayPal.

Help me Operators… You’re my only hope :slight_smile:

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi you're my only hope - YouTube

I’ve bought a spare Connector Board from my local dealer. Took 3 weeks but worth the peace of mind. Try looking up an OP-1 retailer near you, you might get lucky.


You may not have needed to spend ~$$ replacing the whole board?

My 3.5mm output buggered up because I left an adapted cable fulcrum’d in there overnight.

I found what looked like the right replacement component using photos of the connector board and found the part on Digikey.

TE actually confirmed that the part I was looking at was the right one:



Thank you for your email. Here is the spare part you will need: OP-1 replacement jack: CUI SJ1-3515-SMT

You might have problems in finding this in white but on the other hand you might have a custom made connector board (black jack).

Let us know how it goes!"

Here's the replacement component that'll fit (considering CUI SJ1-3515-SMT isn't available anymore):


I'm going to try just replacing that component.


Hi and thanks for the tip. I’ll have a go at sourcing one of those in the UK - I don’t fancy paying £12.00 shipping on a component that only costs £1.02 - a good idea nonetheless!

@everyone-else: I’m still up for buying a board with a faulty mic from you. I live in the UK and will pay upfront!

EDIT: @crudeoperator sorry didn’t see your comment, I’ll try that as well - thank you!

I’ve also got a board with faulty mic if you still need. postage would be from japan though

Hello! Your power switch trick inspired me to, finaly after 2 years, repair my mini kaosspad :slight_smile: i’m so fucking happy right now it worked!

I replaced my connector board last week and still have the old but it also has problems with the power switch (turning on randomly and sometimes it only powers up when the usb is connected and sometimes only if it’s disconnected) but the rest should be ok. I live in switzerland, sending in the U.K. would be no problem and i would do it for free because i’m so happy i don’t have to buy a new kaosspad :slight_smile:


Hi and thanks for the tip. I'll have a go at sourcing one of those in the UK - I don't fancy paying £12.00 shipping on a component that only costs £1.02 - a good idea nonetheless!

Yeah I’m going to splurge on some contact mics to balance up the shipping costs.