Looking for Lo-Fi Drum Samples...scissors, typewriters, etc

I know how to sample and have pulled down a bunch of great drum kits from the OP user site.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend some lo-fi drum samples, things that sound like:

  • AM radio
  • Scissors/Typewriter
  • Distorted drum samples
  • Drum samples that break up

I’ve stumbled across some really cool ones, but wondering if anyone has put together any patches like these sounds.


Freesound is a nice place to look for sound effects and stuff, e.g., here is a sample of scissors:

Some of the sounds there are CC licensed, so they might require attribution if you use them.

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Have you used the original op-1 drum presets before they updated them?

I have not. Are there some older presets that had these sort of samples?

Yep. The drum patches from operating systems right up to 14203.
They are ace and well more left field than the replacements. I prefer them and keep my 2nd op-1 in that OS. I miss out on arp sequencer and voltage synth, plus nice user synth presets (the og synth presets were poor).
Someone will of saved a bunch of presets here somewhere but I cant help you more than that sorry.
Titles like Daily blip, circuit bend, acoustic toy and electric toy may be worth investigating.

they’re here: https://www.reddit.com/r/OP1users/comments/5gkx43/download_op1_patches_op1_14203/

thanks, Spheric_El & ItsAaronGeorge

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Excellent- well found.