Looking for other music animals :-) Berlin......Berlin

Hey and hello dear people,

My name is Stefan, I am 37 years old from Berlin.
I live in Schöneweide at the moment to be exact.
I’m looking for people with or without OP1 to occasionally make music together and be in exchange and get to know new things.

I’m quite inexperienced in the Op1 universe, but I’m burning for the device and I’m also busy having fun with the Op1.

If you feel addressed and feel like it, please contact me.
Anyone out there visiting SuperBooth this year?

best regards


I’m visiting for a week in June from Australia. Who wants to jam?

guys, I am also around - happy to host a jam in a garden/park/apartment

I’ll be in town in June. Should I bring my op1?

yes! I can organise a park gathering, or also just music shop testing out more than 20 studio monitors - a lot of options for portable sounds!

A park gathering sounds epic!

The monitor thing sounds fun too.

I’ll be in town from the 18th to the 23rd of June. It’s a 100% random trip, I know a few people there but I basically have no plans so I’m up for whatever :rofl:

Is it going to be cold? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You never know re: weather. Last summer was very hot & dry. But now it’s 4 degrees at night, around 12 daytime, very weird.
Random trips are the best. I will work hard on getting my Yamaha bluetooth speaker back on time, but there will be options.
Hm, I am stupid - My UK tour starts June 21st, when do you arrive on the 18th? AAAA

Oh, haha wow.

All good, I have to check, I think I technically arrive on the 17th, but I was being conservative with time buffer.

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I inboxed you :slight_smile:

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my portable option expanded, there will be a park event for op1+ mooding

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what about Op-z owners? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah! I’m both :rofl: are you in Berlin?

yes I live in Berlin :+1::+1::+1:

Siiiick! I’d love to do any social & or musical things if you’re keen.