Looking for ressources : electronics and modular synths


Well the new Bastl modular has tingled my gas like never before
Therefore i am looking for some beginner tutorials to understand how electricity flows thru a modular synth.
My aim is to use CV signals to modulate some circuit bent gear.

I’ve done some research but all i can find are either pretty advanced DIY projects or just overall explanations of modular synths :frowning:

thanks !

Not sure of a source for your exact request. Do you have a general understanding of electricity? If you are looking to design your own circuits to control circuit bent gear, then you’ll probably want more of an understanding of how electricity and digital signals work (since a lot of circuit bendable stuff is probably using a chips to generate the sounds).

This kit from Synthrotek is intended to take CV in and output a variable resistance for circuit bending: http://www.synthrotek.com/products/other-circuits/vac-pak/

Maybe check Mutable Instruments forum, as it’s full of DIY / modulars geeks :smiley:
One question like this would bring you tons of leads, I’d bet…

with love . share this bible of electronics n hacking by Nicolas Collins

@thor you’re the man !!

If you know some german, check sequencer.de for modular

If you are looking for some nice little projects, lushprojects.com has some cool kits. That’s where I got my Le Strum kit. There’s also BleepLabs, Rare Waves, Music from Outer Space, thonk.uk, groovesizer and synthrotek that I frequent, but there are tons out there. I also just ordered The art of hardware hacking by Nicolas Collins from Amazon,( thanks for the PDF @thor ) And I just ordered Make Magazine’s analogue synth book. There’s a bunch out there. I will just say that if you’re looking for a cheap and easy project, lushprojects has a great PDF brochure on how to build an atari punk synth, and i use that guide with my middle school kids- it’s great!

you guys are the best thank you !