Looking for royalty-free OP-1 experimental musics to use in short commercials.

I would like to thank everybody who got in touch with me privately for this.
I received a lot of interesting things! Definitely talented people on this forum. For this time we used @yoof beautiful and inspiring music! You’ll see and hear what I mean :wink:

Here is the outcome :slight_smile:

We’ll definitely make more and more of these videos, not only about OP-1 related products, but also other upcoming ones, so whoever wants to cooperate, the invitation is always valid!

Yay! Awesome. I’m honoured, thanks very much :slight_smile:

Some of you may remember that track from our noise battle where the remit was to exploit noise, bugs and glitches from the op-1.

congrats @yoof

Great video with a fabulous soundtrack! =)