Loop de-click

Been playing with my new OP-1 for a couple of days now, and I could seriously use a way to get rid of clicks at the start and end of loops. I make rather bass-heavy stuff, which doesn’t help either. Any tips? I now resorted to not looping the bassy stuff, instead just filling the whole tape in one track. But that’s not very flexible…

I was wondering if recording at lower volume levels helps?
Haven’t done tests proper.Leaving loop off when recording does help.Edit after.

Just tried at lower level, but that doesn’t change much. Leaving loop of and editing after does help sometimes. Thanks for the tip! But a very short fade in/out would be magic :wink:

Yes a little audio fixer…shift and Drop.Audio repair-declick.

Something to try: what if I’d lift a loop into the sampler and then play it back with an envelope with a fast attack and release. They play it with the sketch sequencer and releasing just before the end of the loop, in such a way that the fast release has just finished when the loop ends… I’ll try this evening.

I have a tedious technique, using the drum sampler.

I cut the clip, paste into drum sampler, and shift-adjust the start and end until I don’t hear any clicks in both. (reverse play is a good technique to fix the end). I do this purely by ear and it’s very tedious. Finally once playback of the full clip sounds clickless, I re-record back onto the tape, using the record-on-key-press technique.

@funk_botiks thanks for the tip! That’s the cool thing about the op-1: there’s always some workaround :slight_smile: I have mine for just over a week now and I’m still discovering stuff all the time.