Loop goes out of sync with metronome

Hi everyone, I just got my OP-1 and love it, but I have a couple of questions that I can’t find any information on in the manual.

On the Tape page, underneath the time readout and above the green loop icon there are some white markers, like a scale. Before I press play, there is a horizontal blue marker is dead centre, but during playback it jumps a little to the right. What does that represent?

On the Tempo page: beneath my BPM readout there is “2.0 BPS”. On the right there is 19 CMS and 7.5 IPS. What do all those figures mean?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Oh, the title of the post is wrong and I forgot to change it. Sorry.

No-one understands these things…You just have to make beats somehow.

waits for a good samaritan to actually help

Hey, so I read your post again, and I think I can safely answer part one…

The blue line represents tape speed. Try fast forwarding…

You can boost your fast forward straight to full speed. I dare you to figure out how.

I’m pretty sure that IPS and CMS reflect tape speed - check out “Tape speeds” section here:


Yes IPS is inches per second, CMS is centimetres per second.

cheers, darenager!
just noticed that i’ve overlooked the BPS question, sorry for that. BPS should be Beats Per Second, which is exactly BPM/60

Thanks for all the replies, people.

And yes, I understand that it’s not really important what all those things mean. Love the OP-1!