Looping with the Sampler Synth?

Ordered an OP-Z, still in delivery, thought I’d try to prepare some samples for importing to the Sampler Synth while I wait…

From what I gathered, samples should be:
-exactly 6 seconds
-44.1 Hz
-16 bit
-aif format

QUESTION 1: Do I need to use this sample hack tool?

QUESTION 2: Will the sample loop in the Sampler Synth? I initially read where it won’t, but the OP-Z guide shows the ability to set loop points in the Sampler Synth:

Answers to these questions are appreciated. I’ve been trying to read up on all the functions and updates, and it’s not clear to me.

Yes they can loop. You can set loop points. And I think you have the format right. You can just plug in a USB cable though and sample off YouTube or whatever though.

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Testing this…

You don’t need to use that sample hack tool. I imported a sample in the format I listed and it worked just fine.

As for looping, works with both imported samples and recorded samples. Just select the sample and press stop and record at the same time to take you to the sampler page.

It’s a bit tricky to get a good loop without clicks, but if you have your sample prepared beforehand it can help.