Losing all work when connecting to my mac

Hi There OP-Z community

I have a big problem and I hope someone can help out.

I recently bought a second hand OP-Z, it’s one of the special editions. I played with it for a week put some songs together, then connected my Z to my mac to put some sample on to it and after dismissing it all my work was lost. It was all set back to the factory content. Bummer. Alright I though, I might have done something wrong. Another week in, new sound, new songs, I thought alright lets back up the Z, cuz I dont wanna lose my work this time again. Connectet to my Mac, Content Mode, Copied all my files to my desktop, disconnected the Z, all my work was gone.
Then I tried to restore my material from the backup I just did, no chance, it was all gone.

At this point I cant work with my OP-Z anymore. It’s not reliable to do anything on that thing, despite I love the workflow and it’s portability.

I contacted TE’s support to ask if the can exchange the unit or fix it. The replyed I need to get in contact with the retailer, I did, but due to the circumstances that I bought the unit second Hand and the guy I bought it from sais this aint his business anymore.

Anyone here that had similar problem?

Thanks for your held

Regards Chreg

Special editions?

Means, I got one of the first batch with wrong printings. And because of that TE calls them ‚Limited or Special‘ Edition.

Ah the first batch. Try it again And do it exactly like descriped in the manual( in the app). It should work.

I followed the steps in the manual, but no…

are you ejecting properly? I would restore the OS, make a factory reset and then put all your things back in place. check the file system within content mode…your backup should overwrite all existing data.

wondering if theres anything info in the error/crash logs that the Z makes when u eject?

I ran into a problem that sounds similar to this situation. Basically every time I connected to the Mac app the opz would go into firmware update mode. Everything was working fine for weeks till one day this started happening. I think I may have power cycled without ejecting…not sure. I definitely did something though because it started going into the firmware update mode during a session that I was loading samples.

So I deleted the mac app and re-installed it…the problem persisted. Then re-installed the latest firmware…no luck. Then I factory reset the opz then re-installed the latest firmware…nada. I think what finally worked is opening the mac app WHILE a pattern is playing on the opz. That seemed break the update firmware loop. Now it works as it should again.

That’s very strange behaviour. Did you contact TE about this bug?

no I didn’t because it is working fine now.

It only works when open the Mac app while playing a pattern, you name that ‘it’s working fine now…’?

opening the Mac app while playing a pattern got it out of that firmware update loop. I only had to do that once. Now I don’t have to have a pattern playing to use the app.

Ahhh, i misunderstood you.