Loss of quality: album to DAW to OP-1?

Sometimes in order to sculpt the exact sound you want, you need to use several different effects on a particular synth sound, and a master effect. This can sometimes involve recording tracks to the Album, exporting them to a DAW, then re-importing them to the OP-1 to add another dimension to the sound, and possibly repeating the whole process again and again.

My question is, has anyone noticed whether repeatedly moving tracks between the OP-1, album mix, a DAW and back to the OP-1 ultimately results in a loss of sound quality or a hiss?


Simply moving digital audio files around shouldn’t add anything. using Ear to mix down/overdub will re-add Drive every time which will amplify hiss/noise, but moving digital files from the OP-1 to the DAW and back via disk mode shouldn’t be a problem.