Loud bussing when I try to record OP-Z onto iPhone via Camera Kit

I’m trying to record the OP-Z directly onto my iPhone camera via the USB 3 camera connection kit. As that suggests, I’m trying to use USB audio out of the OP-Z. I’ve got the official TE USB-C cable connected to the USB-C port on the OP-Z and to the USB port on the Camera Connection Kit. I’ve got the other end of the camera connection kit going directly into my iPhone.

The recording starts out alright, but when it gets into the thicker parts of the track, the audio cuts and there’s the super loud buzzing/grinding noise. I’ve already tried cutting the USB power by pressing (screen) and (trig spark). I’ve also turned the master gain down as far as it goes, and put all the individual track volumes below 20, so I don’t think it’s a clipping issue. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this. Happy to upload a video if that might help diagnose.

I’m not to familiar with how the electronics here work, so I’m really hoping that it isn’t a faulty USB port or something like that.

Original Apple CCK?

I would try to use it with a lightning cable attached or may check the physical connection.

if you’re on the latest OS I would suggest a factory reset, make sure to backup quick and easy with a computer or iOS device

Did you solve this?

I’m having exactly the same issue with same setup. Official CCK, apple lightning cable, TE USB cable, doesn’t matter if USB charging is switched on or off on the op-z: crazy digital tearing sound once a few tracks are on.

Kind of makes it pointless to record to an iphone…