Low Tape Speed (24 min mode)

Hello all!

Does anyone know how to access the 24 min low tape speed mode on the op-1? Will it show up as 24 min in tape mode because i have slowed the tape speed and tempo and cannot get past 6:00. I remember the op-1 ad said something like “6 min standard tape speed, 24 mins low tape speed”. Thanks in advance!

white knob in tape?

the tape timer will always show 0:00 - 6:00 even if u slow the tape down. u will get more tape time, just the time display doesn’t adjust for it

Ahh ok. I had been doing that but I thought i was doing something wrong with the time not adjusting, Thank you both!

also lowering tape speed lowers audio quality. the compression/natural sound the op1 puts out is one of my favorites though.

Right, it does get a little weird with the slow tape

Just make sure to lift and drop before recording over tape passages as I’ve noticed lower tape speed recordings often end up with lower perceived volumes.

Could anyone elaborate on the “lower quality” of slower tape speed?

What is actually happening here? Sample rate reduction? Bit rate reduction? A combination of both? Something else?

Hey man, there are some good posts in this thread explaining what’s going on at low tape speeds :slight_smile: