Low volume when sampling from mic/line-in (new OP-1)

Hello guys, I’m new here! I just bought a new OP-1 that came with v220, and I’m loving it. However, I’m having some problems when recording/sampling sounds with the mic/line-in: The sound is really low! (I’ve already sent an email to TE, and also posted some thread on reddit).

At first I thought it was just broken; my brother has another OP-1 (v218), and compared to his, mine records incredible low. However, today I noticed that I was suddenly able to sample sounds at full volume for the first time. I mean, at regular volume!

After testing a little bit more, I just found the reason, and now I’m able to replicate the problem and solve it as well. But I need to turn it off and on (after doing some things).

I’m not sure if it’s software related, hardware, a known bug, or what; but my op-1 loses the ability to properly sample sounds once I roll the blue dial (to switch between mic-fm-ear). I need to switch back to “mic”, turn the OP-1 off, and then on again. Voilà, I can sample sounds again. Note that if I turn it off while on FM or EAR, when I turn it on again, and switch back to mic, It won’t work either. It’s “changing the input” what reduces the input volume, no matter what.

I think the easiest way to understand it is watching a video, so I recorded one: (Look at the orange sound level before and after moving the blue dial):

Every time I move the blue dial on the sampling menu (to choose between mic-fm-ear), my OP1 loses the ability to sample at full volume, and I need to turn it off-on. At least on Drum-mode, haven’t tried anywhere else. Was this a known problem? Thank you!

0:09 - any particular reason input level on radio is set to -34?
also, v225 is out…

@eesn said:
0:09 - any particular reason input level on radio is set to -34?
also, v225 is out…

Whoa. I feel silly now, but if I crank it to 0 or above, it simply works again, and I don’t need to reboot it. THANK YOU.

PS: I guess it’s still some kind of bug, because rebooting fixes it (leaving it at -34), and those levels shouldn’t be related, but… Yeah, it has an easy solution, and I hadn’t even notice. So Thank you!

@eiprol it’s worth reporting that to TE. it’s a pretty obvious bug, and the video you’ve already recorded showcases the problem nicely.