LUCY LEFTY (free album drop on Gridwalk Media)

Hey all, long time OP-1 user, new form member. Just released an album of ch00nz that I wrote beta testing the OP-1 hardware and software pre-commercial release. Part of my lack of involvement in the community stems from having to be anti-social and keeping things under wraps during that period. Feels good being able to finally share my creations, and to have found a label that digs my vibes to release with.

Lucy Lefty is an album of melodic electronic tracks recorded by staRpauSe on the Teenage Engineering OP1 synthesizer during early product beta testing. The tracks span from hyper and chaotic to minimal and funky, with a sprinkling of vocal samples that bring out k9d's signature sound. The energy ebbs and flows with unexpected transitions and careful attention sound design reminiscent of 2000's IDM.

Awesome tunes and welcome! Also we have a mutual friend: Stagediver et al