Lurk lurk lurk

How often do you visit
i spend so much time lurking here i can’t even count

Every day, every hour, and sometimes every minute !

Isn’t this the best website ever

Finest community on Earth :slight_smile:

Is there a fallout shelter to keep us in contact if something happens ?
Or anything where we can keep in touch whatever happens :slight_smile:

Daily… or enough to know that there isn’t as much new posting here as other forums.

But that is certainly not a complaint. I can generally read every post here and learn something new.
Not much overlap, double posts. Thanks to a useable search and an open, helpful community.



Big up, folks.

Haha.Nice comments.
I’m not online at home at mo.

Comparing this site to Korgs reminds me of a story about Heaven and Hell.
Same rules for both ,but everyone is fighting and warring in one ,while sounds of laughter and enjoying life from the other.
(In the story the rules are we can eat anything we want,but have 6 foot cutlery attached to our arms.Everyone in hell were screaming in pain coz they can’t reach their mouths, while in heaven everyone fed each other).

i check this on the regular. daily at the least.

a great source for mad beats and super tips.

i don’t post that much cos everyone else seems to have all the knowledge covered. :slight_smile:

I’ve not used the Korg forum but from your description it sounds a lot like the Elektronauts forum.