M-1 Headset + Vocoder

Hi, just wondering if anyone has used the M-1 headset mic with the Vocoder and what were the results like?

I had an M-1 for a couple of years and used it with my OG and my OP-Z, but it broke and I replaced it with a sturdier set of headphones (AiAiAi).

Now that I have a field and it has a vocoder, I’m keen to start messing around with it. So, does the M-1 work well with the vocoder? Is it worth buying another M-1 headset?

Thanks in advance

The M-1 is not awesome but it works. I find it awkward to use. The headphones are so light the mic moves around when I’m trying to play the keys and vocode at the same time. It sounds ok (headphones are lacking highest frequencies) but if there is a better portable headset solution for the OP-1 vocoder I’d like to know myself. On a scale from 0 - 10 I’d give the M-1 a 4, only for its convenience of size and its not horrible sound.

Faint praise.