M-audio UNO USB Midi

Hi what interfaces are people using to handle midi in/out? I bought a little usb mini adapter to use my uno but it doesn’t seem to work as the uno doesn’t light up. I’m guessing it’s not powering.
Any advice?


You need something thats a Midi USB Host.

Check out the iConnectMidi4+ or OP-Lab or Kenton Midi Host.

There seems to be a LOT of posts about OP-1 Midi conncetivity in the forum at the moment. Should we have a sticky thread?

Yes good idea and thanks :slight_smile:

I’m going to pick up a cheap powered usb hub and try out the uno through that first and then buy one of the devices you suggested in the new year. I’m favouring Iconnect currently.

@EmergingStates Not a USB hub, a USB host.

You don’t need anything if you just want to hook it up to a DAW. Just use the usb lead that came with the OP-1.

No computer means you need a USB ‘HOST’ as mentioned.

Thanks guys