M1 headphones total junk hot garbage

so like an idiot i bought the opz headphones fast. fast forward TWO DAYS LAYER THEY ARE BROKEN !!! the mic wont shut off do i cant hear anything out of them im sending them this is crazy every product I HAVE EVER PURCHASED FROM TEENAGE ENGINEERING has has had some issue within the first six months of owning im speechless…why do i kerp goving them money I want to like their stuff but its junk it does not work.

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Why don’t you just sell your Teenage Engineering gear? You obviously hate it


At some point it might be worth considering that it might not be them, it might actually be you…


Troll. lol


Agreed with above replies, you should really just sell all your TE gear at this point and never touch it again. Your post history is nothing but unfiltered rants.


Well, if it helps, the earbuds TE offered didn’t really look like a truly engineered TE product, but rather an outsourced set of buds. You’re gonna be better off with a set of cans made by a dedicated headphone manufacturer.

The OP-Z and OP-1 are quite a different offering, and truly represent TE. So don’t feel too bad and just consider the accessories not the core of TE.

I feel where you are coming from though, it’s sucks to put faith in a company and get burned over quality control issues. Hopefully this is a one-off problem.


Gotta agree with op, most te products have shabby build quality or fray easily. If everybody is saying “stop buying te stuff if ur mad it’s breaking” then that’s cray. I think it’s important we talk about te’s lack of customer service and the jankness of their recent products. That said, I love my opz, my pocket operators, and will forever regret selling my op1, even though they sparked equal bouts of frustration alongside their joy. But I’ll be God damned if I send em anymore money for recently released items, everything they make now needs a one year trial buffer before I invest.