M1/M2 and mixer page

I’ve had an OP1 for 3 years and never realized you can use M1/M2 on the mixer page for any and all 8 parameters (volume and pan). Great for live tweaking!

just realized this 15 mins ago, except I’ve had mine for a week :stuck_out_tongue:

I think a simple AD envelope for each M button would be awesome for fade ins and smooth eq changes…


I used M1/M2 often earlier for panning and more stereo, but I still don’t get why M1 can do Nitro even when another effect is used but M2 can’t do that?!

@mixrasta I still haven’t even tried assigning a FX to M1/M2 ha. How do assign panning to it?

I used M1/M2 often earlier for panning and more stereo, but I still don't get why M1 can do Nitro even when another effect is used but M2 can't do that?!


You hold down an M-button while twisting one or two of the encoders left or right. When changing the pannings of two tracks make sure you twist them at the same time otherwise you only change the last one. I wish there would be a toggle function for shift, so you can use both hands. Btw the M doesn’t record the whole motion, only the last position when you stopped twisting the encoders. @Kites

Maybe I’m wrong but I experienced in Mixer mode that M1 can add another effect while playing the tape, in my case it’s Nitro ( it’s just the preset basic effect assigned to M1 by TE), but after changing M1 from Nitro to another parameter like pan, level, other effect etc. I cannot change it back to Nitro without having Nitro as the Mastereffect, it’s kind of weird… @beefinator

I have this exact same issue @mixrasta. Have you found a work around?

I’ve been trying to get this feature to work like the original preset for some time with no luck. (Trying to toggle nitro on and off with M1)

Can change the values but not activate the effect??

Someone told me that it isn’t Nitro that is used in this case, it’s just the LowFreq on Master EQ set all the way down, ha!
Kind of makes sense :slight_smile: @Smithy24

Haha no way?! thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: and for the speedy response, that’s stopped me having night terrors over figuring it out for the next two weeks

My pleasure!

Amazing tip, thanks! It’s even possible to combine M1 and M2 together to affect both FX and EQ for instance, that’s awesome for live performance!

another fun m1/m2 trick:

the way those buttons work is that m1/m2 store the difference between the “remembered” parameters and the idle setting. they don’t straight replace the idle parameters with the altered ones, they add/subtract to the idle parameters.

for example,
track one center panned.
M1 <- track one hard left
M2 <- track one half right

pressing M1 or M2 hard-pans the track as expected. but pressing both simultaneously, the track ends up panned half left!

so any time you have M1 and M2 locked to the same screen, you can effectively have 3 different recall-able settings for that screen.