hey guys, have been a lot in the Elektronauts forum and after a lot of research i have sold myself for a MAchinedrum.

does someone know if i can get sysex data trough the oplab to the machinedrum? i think it goes into the oplab but not over midi out…?

i have done every scene on the oplab and ended up going to the music store to load up the actual OS from another MAchinedrum.

…but i want to figure out how to do this via my oplab or maybe my KP3.



from the OPLab manual…

3) Launch a SysEx transfer tool like “SysEx
Librarian” on Mac or “MIDI-OX” on PC or the
very neat pc/mac tool C6 from elektron.

the latest Oplab OS has a bug that prevents MIDI data from the In port making it to the Out. TE told me this in December of 2013, and that it will be fixed in “the upcoming revision” but here we are in July… and the last Oplab OS update on the site is from October of 2012 =/

Alright !

…this is what i said to the oplab brainkillin features. try try try.

hopefully they get stuff done and i don’t want to imagine the endless possibilities of this little brick.

#dimi3…thx for thinking iam 11 years old… :wink:

I was thinking maybe younger and that you can’t read yet :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry…

But seriously, how about via USB? get a midi USB adapter. Wouldn’t that get you around this feature/bug…

yeah man. iam younger and mee parents won’t give me those 10 € to buy this sort of cable.

the cheapest USB MIDI interface that will handle sysex that I know of is the Roland UM-One, and it’s $40 USD new.

Go chinese!

I got these and they work!


Oh I have that cheap Amazon cable too, it seems to lose its sync on with hardware on occasions. Not sure why it does that.

Love Adventure Time, did you make that JohnnyEgo?

Not sure why? Maybe because it’s a cheap PoS lol…

I know but they work!

The dog looks like a penis! sorry That’s all i see when I come to this page!

Oh BTW I realized today what a dumb idea of using a usb to midi connector sounded… Because I was not thinking computer, so I thought you plug the USB MIDI connector into the OPLab. But if you are sending SYSEX you’ll do it from a computer and a USB MIDI cable would be how you would do it…

I sound like a smart ass, my bad… I was being overly complicated to solve a non issue.

My chinese crap DOESN’T send SYSEX, I that I did this but I tested on the AR and zilch!

.…who is the Kid noooooow?

hummm My 5 year old is more mature then me!

…another question…

hooked up my mono tribe with CV OS 2.1 to oplabs cv out via xbox 360 slim audio/videocable.
original three ended end to mono tribes sync in and yellow/white via adapter into CV out at my oplab.

why is this shit always playing one note? Keyboard setting over op’1s c4 to c5! like #darenager showed in his Video.


It almost sounds like you have Gate plugged in to CV (it only does 0 or 1V for closed/open). Also, does the Monotribe respond to V/Oct or Hz/V like most Korg stuff?

yeah its a update thing some days ago…release for kingkorg and stuff…monotribe can now be played via cv.

i think everything’s fine…but Nope.

But the Amazon reviews are tops for that USB MIDI cable! I guess reviews aren’t everything. Now to look into the Roland UMmmm-One.