Main EQ & Tape Recording on individual track

New here , ive been messing around with Op1 for a while and feel like i got a fair understanding of most functionalities but yet confused about tape/track recording & ‘master EQ’ (key3 on tape mode)
Can i or not record a track with specific eq values set to the master or will eq only be applied if im recording to album? Hope im making sense?

u wanna use hte ear function to record thru the master fx, eq, drive settings
and back on a new tape track.

ear is life

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yeah, using ear for bouncing tracks in tape from one track to another with master EQ and effects is really useful.
but be careful with the overdrive settings. i found that if I recorded/bounced a track with overdrive on it, then any overdrive on the master later on when recording to album would over compress things and leave my drums sounding like a they were played on a cardboard box.

just to confirm — no master effects/eq/overdrive are recorded when recording to tape from the drum sampler, the synth sampler or from the external in. that’s right?

I can’t remember the key strokes for this…but you can get a visual representation of the signal path on your screen.

yes thats correct. master stuff is only recorded via EAR or ALBUM

i love that screen i think its shift+mixer

Thanks all for responding

Quick question- would recording tracks using EAR not add hissing artefacts to the sound?

i’ve never had any issues like that and i use ear alot
prolly depends a bit on what u are setting your EQ, FX , drive // compression settings to

Ok thanks- gonna try the advised workflow today.
Edit: yeah understand that end result is subject to how fxs are used… just want to apply eq on ‘raw’ material for now