Mainly produced on OP-Z, my first finished track, waiting for bad and god critics to progress

Hello, here is the first track I’ve finished. It was mainly produced on the OP-Z but also on OP-1, and mixed on the Deluge. I’ve done that to pratice my gears. I’ve used the stock sounds (except the sampled voice) from the OP-Z and OP-1. The piano came from the Deluge.
I will appreciate your critics (even bad ones) to help me to progress.
Thank you very much in advance.
Here is the song : Stream Good Vacations by Y.m.e.r | Y M E R | Listen online for free on SoundCloud


Hey welcome to this forum. Just wanted to drop a word that I really liked your track. It is very balanced in the choice of instruments and melodies. Nice piano playing and good sounding bass. If there is one thing I would still advice you to tweak then it would be the drums as they kind of seem to disappear in the background, but then again it gives room to other instruments this way so maybe its for the better. Good job! Looking forward to more.

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Thank you very much for your comment. I’m glad you like it. You’re right with the drum, it was very difficult to balance with the other instruments, sometimes too present, sometimes not. I will follow your advice and try to tweak it more. Anyway, thank you again for having taking your time to listen to this track and write this useful comment. It is very motivating.

I’ve listened to the track a few times… and here’s my thoughts.

Overall, very well produced. If you really only did this on the Deluge, OP-Z, and OP-1, well… you’ve got a very good process down for mixing… even if you did the mixing work in a DAW or something… it’s good work.

Personally… I could do without the alien voice… I don’t think it adds much (other than some oh that’s different)… but since I imagine the whole track idea floats around it… I think you could lean more into it being in rhythm with the drums. Around 0:38 when you’ve got the alien voice and the drums, and synths playing… it takes too long for all the elements to snap and feel like they actually are grooving together. There are a few ways to solve the puzzle, but I feel like as is, the voice is not providing a good pattern or anti pattern to the drums… instead it’s just… a different pattern.

Overall though, I do feel like you’ve got a good mix of elements moving in and out, it stayed interesting to me, but definitely missing a big moment or two. This track could absolutely use a really big drop, or a really big energy boost in it. I feel like it would help make the track feel next level, and mostly would depend on what emotion or response you’re looking for the listener to feel.

Keep at it, you’ve definitely got some great skills, interested to hear what else you do!

Thank you very much. I really appreciate that you took your time to listen my song several times and to write this long post. I’ve read it very carefully and I’m sure that what you wrote will help me to progress. I will definitely work more on this track after what you said, and you can be sure that a new version will arrive. Anyway, everything you wrote is very motivating. Thank you very much again.
I just want you know if you are a music producer and if there is somewhere on the web I can discover your music ?
I was glad to read you.
Best Regards.

Hey, you’re welcome! Definitely interested to see where you go with the song.

I have been producing music mostly as a hobby for a little over twenty years now. So in general just do this to have fun, but I have done a handful of songs for various projects, done a few collaborations, and used to DJ including playing my own stuff. The last few years have been working on breaking some of my old habits of making long 6-10 minute DJ tracks, since… I am not DJ’ing and I don’t really have a need to beat juggle massive intros anymore :smiley:

If you do want to check out anything I’ve got a blog at, sound cloud at Stream NearTao | Near Tao music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud and I’ve got a YouTube channel where I’ve started to post some live stuff again… someplace. Probably just search for NearTao.

Take it easy and keep making music!