Make your own factory preset ??? and keep some free mem

So … coming from another thread …

As stated by TabascoEye
the update files are actually just LZMA compressed files with a 4Byte CRC as header. So you can just uncompress them.
Inside there are the svgs, some .aifs and the (again compressed differently) firmware and bootloader in .ldr format.
Those are “loader” files for the Blackfin DSP main cpu in the op-1

So here’s what come to my mind !!!
i don’t want to touch the ldr file, but is it possible to open and recompress the LZMA file and edit the internal factory preset ? put my own presets, and then got some more memory free ?

Is there any specific thing to do for the compression of the LZMA file ?

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This would be great. On a unit with so few memory slots for patches it’s confusing why users aren’t given the option to delete factory presets and get that space for whatever they choose.

My ideal OS would also have some kind of sample library facility too and dynamic allocation/useage of sample memory across drum/synth. So you had the option for example to build a drumkit across the keys by browsing/importing a separate sample to each key like on a lot of groove box type units. Even if the onboard sample library was only like 8mb. That’s twice my volca sample’s memory limit and I can fit a ton of useful stuff in that :wink:

And the ability to name/save/delete patches/samples internally…

Guessing these things aren’t possible with custom OS tho due to the way op is architecture to keep the UI super clean etc tho. Would Love to see an OP-2 that went deeper with those kind of ‘staple’ OS features. Not knocking the OP-1 though, most of the time it’s fun/creative in the way that it forces you to do things a certain way.