Making a chill beat with the OP-1

Hi, I decided to share my process of creating a new chilll beat. I’d be happy to get feedback on my work flow or what could have been done better


Heart and soul, I fell in love with you, lost control…

I noticed you entered the drum parts in real-time. That takes a certain amount of accuracy. I mostly use the endless sequencer to enter drum parts. Which can be challenging, because I have to know what beat each element of the drum beat falls on. If it’s an easy drum beat, I can enter it all at once. If it’s a complicated drum beat, I have to enter it in layers. Something I assume will get better with time.

Some of the sounds you used had slow attack phases. I have not tried this yet, but I think it’d be cool to record a track containing a sound with a slow attack phase into the sequencer, then shift the tape segment slightly to the left, so the point of maximum amplitude in the ADSR envelope falls more on the beat. When notes with slow attacks are entered live, the musician is able to anticipate the attack and press the key early. But with the sequencer, the note will end up sounding late.

Not really a critique of your lovely work, but just some ideas that popped into my head while listening to it.

Thanks for sharing!

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Hi WoO,

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback I love it :smile:

I am very new to creating drum tracks so if I want to be creative it’s very hard for me to use the sequencer for drums since as you said, I don’t know what beat they fall on. I hope it will get better in the future but for now I wanted to sketch my idea better on the price of accuracy :sweat_smile:.

Regarding the attack you are completely right is has be hard for me to deal with that still not quite sure what to do let me know if you find a solution.

Lastly, can you explain the first sentence you wrote :pray:t2:?

I was referring to the I - VI - II - V chord progression…with the words to a famous song with that progression, “Heart and Soul”.

Stay cool!

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