Making a synth from a sample?

I’ve been trying to get some samples to use as synths. I’ve converted the samples from their original format to .aiff and dropped it in a folder in the “synth” folder on my OP-1. However, when I press and hold a key, I just get a quick repetition of the sound. In my case it’s some 808 subbass and it just keeps clicking in a loop, even if the sample is 3 seconds long, it seems like it’s playing a few milliseconds of it before looping.

What am I doing wrong? I’ve been trying to look around how to do this but all I’m finding is drum utility and how to create drum kits, which is not what I’m trying to achieve.

Any idea?

Thank you

Um move the white and green knobs, those select the loop point. If the loop point is small in the sample, it’ll play the samp then just start looping what is selected. Also make sure orange and blue are at the ends

Is there a way to get it NOT to loop?

Envelope, quick fingers, drum sampler, LFO with a filter… just to name the the ones that come to mind easily

I think its green fully clockwise.

Is there a way to get it NOT to loop?

Synth sampler: Use green and white encoders to move loop-in, loop-out points to the right - so they coincide with the sample-out point (set with orange encoder).

Drum-sampler: use the orange encoder to select the first or second modes (play from sample-in to sample-out until key-off, play from sample-in to sample-out) rather than the third mode (play from sample-in to loop-out and then from loop-in to loop-out until key-off).