Making good build-ups -- any help?

Hey everyone,

this is my first post. I’m new to both “real” music making and the OP-1.
Got mine back in June and haven’t had much time with it yet.

Anyways: I want to do electronic music like Drum’n’Bass, minimal techno and the like.
And apart from not really knowing how to get from a few bits on the tape to a real song (I guess cuckoo will make a video about that?), I wonder how to do good build-ups for dancefloor songs.
You know, when a sound is pitched continually higher and higher and a drumroll starts and intensifies in frequency until the drop hits?

Any suggestions on how you do it would be appreciated.
[The endless sequencer in crank mode isn’t “linear” enough with my two left hands ;o) ]

A couple methods for builds:

you can sample white noise from the FM radio, put Nitro or Punch on the FX slot, then use an LFO to modulate the filter cutoff.

Or for a 'riser' use the Sketch sequencer and a synth patch with a lot of glide (to smooth it out) and draw the pitch change in and record it to Tape (Orange knob toggles Hold, pressing the note keys moves where the drawing dot is). Glide/Portamento is shown when you hold down Shift on the EG page.

There’s quite a bit of work needed to create the kind of build you are on about.

It doesn’t come easy - there’s no quick-fix.

Id concentrate on spending time with your OP-1 getting to know it and putting together some basic stuff and progress from there. The best learning is trial and error.

also you could plan an awesome build-up but i’ve found the best ones normally just happen when you aren’t even trying

You mention “how to get from a few bits on the tape to a real song”: I’d suggest you check out the videos in the OP-1 tips and tricks thread, particularly “Making a track from scratch”. It could be just what you’re after.

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…and there’s more tips there (as well as the great ones so far in this thread) that’ll help you with build-ups.