Making OP-Z Games (?)

I’m considering getting an OP-Z, but I’m a little unclear on the extent of the Unity integration? Is it possible to make Unity projects controlled by the OP-Z that are more complicated than just animation triggers?? Or what about the reverse- having Unity control aspects of the OP-Z’s sounds? I’m a game designer and love experimental controllers and it would be really, really rad if it were possible to make games that work with the OP-Z, but I can’t seem to find any answers online if this is at all possible. Thanks for any insight you can provide!!

According to teenage engineering you can control the op-z with unity. (under “touch music” here I don’t think I have seen anybody do it yet.

I like what you are thinking. I really hope more game dev and 3d artists start releasing video packs. Some sort of game that kinda guides someone through creating a song or jam forcing something new each play through would be awsome. Have you dig around the video lab github at all? and

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I saw someone recreating the tombola sequencer known from the op-1 in unity.
It then randomly triggered tracks on the op-z. Can’t find the short video anymore, but I’m pretty sure it was also done by Keijiro Takahashi. And it’s also an example, TE gives on the videolab info page:
“Throw 300 marbles in a virtual tombola and let the collisions trigger percussion on your drum machine. You could even put together your own little sequencer.”

So you could also integrate triggers etc. into a game for sure.


You mean this one, right? :slight_smile:

I think it should be possible since it basically is a midi controller.


Yes, that’s it! :slight_smile:

Oh man! This is super encouraging- thank you!! Tips me over the edge toward getting an OP-Z instead of saving up/waiting for an OP-1

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The Video-Lab Wiki also hat a chapter called “Controlling a synth”:

“To control MIDI devices from videolab use the Knob Out, Note Out and Sequencer Out nodes.”

“You can use the Unity animation systems to control parameters on your MIDI enabled devices. Let’s build an LFO. Connect a MIDI enabled sound generator like the OP-Z, so you can hear the effects of the LFO.”

“The unity collision detection system can be used to trigger MIDI events.There are collider components for all the basic shapes Box Collider, Sphere Collider, Capsule Collider etc. For custom meshes you can use a Mesh Collider. The Collider Input Klak node issues events when objects collide or makes contact with triggers.”

The Wiki ist quite basic, but it might help for some cases.

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