Making synths wobble slightly out of tune?

Not at my OP-1 at the moment (I’m in work)… I’m wondering if I would be able to use the LFO to slightly and slowly make synths sound wobble in and out of tune to give that broken analog effect. But then I thought, there isn’t a tune parameter to the synths is there?

one of the LFO’s works this way (the name escapes me atm), u get like a pitch modulator and a volume modulator (think tremolo type sounds).

The LFO is actually called Tremolo @docshermsticks the Green knob is for choosing how much the pitch is affected.

haha it was so simple! thanks man.

if u use the envelope settings on the Tremolo page, u can get some nice fade in's and outs of your pitch/volume modulation.

Ah, of course. Thanks guys. I had a mess around last night. Seems to work well.

You can also mess with the tape once you have recorded your synth to give it an unstable analog tape wow and flutter

…and if you’re deft of touch you can use shift+the octave arrows…

Don’t forget about the g force LFO.

LFO on the Delay speed, too >:)

lol, i feel like the answer to any question is always LFO.

~~~ just LFO 2k15

Way more interesting than an LFO, there’s a parameter in the Tauri and Phatty series from Moog which detunes one oscillator with respect to the first one at varying rates according to the note played. In this way you can get a constant wobble between both which sounds really big with them analog oscillators.

It is best described here:

I don’t know if there’s a way to achieve a similar (digital) thing inside the OP-1, but at least you can use it to control them and make layers. Sound terrific!

TBH the LFO’s have been my only real disappointment with the OP1 - I always feel a little hamstrung by them. I’d love to be able to change the “tremolo” waveshape to random, then just dial it in a touch to get that real analog-style random drift. And the “random” LFO being sent to a specific destination, rather than “all”, which I find useless 95% of the time. And waveshapes on the “value” LFO I think is a no-brainer. I love that the OP1 is “less-is-more”, but I really find the LFO’s counter-intuitive overall. Maybe it’s me… Dx