Making youtube videos of OP-1 performance (the inexpensive and mobile approach)?

Hi guys, I’m just interested to hearing opinions from you youtube performers on the best, inexpensive and portable approach (not being tied to a big desktop computer) for capturing performances. Any ideas?

Could you give a little more info on your performance situation/setup and desired quality?

If you’re capturing an actual gig, I’d probably get a GoPro and capture audio from the mix desk.

If recording stuff at home, an iPhone and audio capture via DAW would be my choice.

But, there’s lots of variables, more info allows us to give better advice. Whatever you do, always capture the actual performance audio via some sort of line – the camera mic can be used to capture ambience, but nothing more. Maybe self-evident, but worth saying :slight_smile:

Sorry, yes. So, the nature of the videos would be tutorial style. I want to have the camera look down as if it is sitting above from the user’s viewpoint. Quality-wise, I’d really like a HD resolution.

Yeah, I’m thinking connect audio output to my laptop and then line up audio to video later. I have a Nexus 5 phone at the minute, I think it records HD.

Are there iPad apps that do anything to help where I can cut out the computer?

Just seeing how you guys set up…

The iPad has iMovie, but it could prove a bit tricky importing long audio files and merging them with the video. Don’t really know, as I haven’t used them.

I use an iPhone, or a Fuji X-T1 (photography is one of my hobbies). Manfrotto tripod. I’m lucky to have an Adobe CC subscription from work, so I just use Adobe video editing software, which has worked well for me. iMovie would do 90% of the stuff I do, though.

As for cameras, there’s a million options, but a phone is plenty, IMO, to do tutorial videos. It’s worth investing in a smart tripod, though, as the perspective (“over-the-shoulder”) sets some challenges with tripods.

Great topic! Thanks @hudson. I love to do small Instagram (@rgarrell) videos of my OP-1 beats, but sometimes I really struggle to record with the iPhone and play/turn the knobs.

Regarding where the phone goes when filming, I have my eye on one of these

You can plug in the audio directly to the nexus 5. When I’m rehearsing with the band I’m recording with my nexus from our DAW. Just line-out to one of those 4 pole 3,5 mm split y-cables to the phone.
It’s an easy way to share jams with the band.

So you can line-in using one of those cables through the Nexus 5 headphone out?

Bump for a dumb question…

I’d love to be able to record into my iPhone or iPad from the OP1 while on the go. Basically, I want to compose little 15 second bits on the OP1 to add to instagram videos, on the fly and with no computer. Not sure if it’s possible to record to the iMovie app via line-in, so I may need to go through Garage Band.

From what I’ve read, this is not possible with the CCK, and requires an additional audio interface. If that’s the case, what’s the best interface to get the job done? I’d love to keep my mobile setup as small and wire-free as possible.

a couple come to mind:

the irig devices are very cheap, and do the job. not that durable, i had one break on me (and i never break this stuff).

the higher end could be something like the apogee jam.

thing is, of course, that these are mostly mono. edit: and yeah, well, if you’re doing it for instagram, chances are that everybody’s going to listen to it with their phones, or something else that is as good as mono :slight_smile:

I use a line 6 Sonic Port @Zzzach. $100 max new, and it has a 3.5mm stereo input. Just don’t lose the cable it’s $35 lol…

Check around for deals I’ve seen them go for $60 I want to say.

@josker - mono is fine. I want to keep these unpolished and fun.

Cheers guys. I’ll check these out. It really is a bummer that the CCK doesn’t transfer audio.

Blue Mikey Digital (if you’re on a more recent iPhone, I think iOS 7 or above) does the trick for me. Although it’s a microphone, it has a stereo input jack. The standard camera app recognises this as audio input.