Man Creates Tape Scratching Device

Hey guys!

Take a look at this incredibly inventive gear.
Some guy has actually put together a real tape playback device that can do so many things. I won’t say what they are because I don’t won’t to spoil it but this piece of equipment is like the gift that keeps on giving!

Ace guy, ace idea!

Cool! Music Thing Modular do something similar I seem to recall.

I didn’t expect much from the video, because most electronic DYIs I’m seeing these days trivial and overhyped. (cough maker movement cough)

But, this is actually darn impressive and very innovative. Not so much because it allows tape “scratching”, but because he created a new, neat and fairly intuitive interface for non-linear sound manipulation - in analog. Something that zillion iPad app makers didn’t think of. The recording aspect of it is ripe with possibilities.


'‘This was all done live, I swear!’ :smiley:

Cool guy, I like it!