Managing recorded samples

Hi guys,

the OPz is super fun and fast to sample.
I just wonder how to manage my recordings.
I like to sample loops on the drum programs and slice them up. But these recordings are shared over each and every pattern and project right?
So I fill free slots up quickly while I would only would use one of the loops per song.

how do you handle this? thanks for any advice

On my Z, I’ve pretty much tried to stuff it to the gills with samples gradually to really chew on the kits, then 2-track or multitrack the songs that make the cut. USB sync the Z to the PC, drag all files to a folder, then over write the sample folder with replacements, and clear out all 10 programs as needed. My Z right now has about 25 pattern chained songs on it that I use as a jukebox while at work.

Each purge of the device is refreshing, because my programmed synths settings are getting better each go, and replacing drums/sample chops is fuel for new ideas.