managing snapshots that are saved on the fly

Does anyone have any techniques / tips / tricks for this?

I find it pretty cumbersome to do the following:

1. load a snapshot
2. preview the sound, assess characteristics
3. type name on computer
4. mount op-1 via USB
5. find file in disk
6. rename, move file into relevant folder
7. reboot op-1

For example… Is there any way to save a snapshot name when saving a snapshot? I might be missing something obvious about this process.



I should also mention that even when I use the steps outlined above, I still find that the op-1 recreates any “snapshot” files that were called upon in memory via “user” slots, which I consider a bit of a bug.

To reproduce:

- load some of your snapshots into user slots 1-8 with ids like “20141228 1719” (you’ll see why later)
- follow steps outlined above for all of your snapshots (make a backup of snapshots beforehand if you want).
- as you rename all your snapshots, make sure to move then into another directory that is not the snapshots directory… i just created one w/ my name of choice.
- remove all snapshots out of the snapshots directory by deleting them from that folder in the op-1
- reboot op-1
- note that whichever original snapshot names that were utilized in user slots (called upon) are now recreated.

I guess I could see this as both a bug and a feature, because it’s somehow reassuring that if I fucked up, that the op-1 would recreate the files and i could still have another go at backing them up from disk. But in another light I see this as a bug if you know what you’re doing and are trying to maintain a clean op-drive.

Just delete the whole snapshots folder. A new one will be created when you save your next snapshot internally

Interesting. I’ll give this a try!

Thanks for tip.
u could use time and date settings to name your patch with numbers

Yes, it’s cumbersome isn’t it. If I do it, which I rarely do (because of how cumbersome it is!), I tend to do a batch of them at a time. Ie, do what you posted in your first post and just use pen and paper to note down the snapshot timestamp together with a proper patch name and then rename them all in one sitting on the computer.

Why not mount the OP-1, copy the filenames of all the snapshots, unmount the OP-1. Then on the OP-1, listen to the snapshots and create names in a text doc on your laptop. Then after you go through all of them, remount the OP-1 and copy-paste the names to the snapshots. Seems like it would go pretty quickly doing it this way. Or go analog like you said and use a pen/paper.

I don’t know why they don’t let you just rename the snapshots and set the names using encoders on the device, like every other synth. ugh…

I wonder if they’re trying to save space and just figure "well they can use the computer"

I’d be happy with just being able use 3 characters like old arcade game high scores. I’ve tried noting the time but then been bitten when I realised my OP-1 had forgotten the time and it was set to 2010…

Since then I’ve just stopped “pre-sound designing” when working with the OP-1, and simply make sounds as I need them by treating the 8 slots as the only sounds I’ll use for a given track, or overwriting them when done. Not neat, but it works for me.
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"I’d be happy with just being able use 3 characters like old arcade game high scores. " EPIC!

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I find that I need a notebook as a companion for a lot of operations on the OP1.

yes @KrisM ,I like the high score idea.
Also not being able to save sequencers and being able to dial in sounds fast lends itself your 2nd remark.
Dropping snapshots is possibly useful ,at end of tape when working on a track.

how do you delete snapshots without a pc?

I use this to rename/remove files using my iPad or phone. Works well if you don’t have a PC to hand.

I use this to rename/remove files using my iPad or phone. Works well if you don't have a PC to hand.

@Boonspoons, Does this need a specific app on the iphone to work?

I use the free TripMate plus app from the App Store which they suggest which works without any issues

Well, I meant without any host. I would love to be able to delete stuff from within the OP-1 without the aid of a pc.
Other than that, if you have a phone or tablet better than Apple you can connect it straight to the op1 and do the very same things you can do with a regular pc, without any specific app or device in the middle.
You just need a random cheap otg cable like this one, that costs 50 cents :smiley: