Mapping OPZ knobs to control parameters in Ableton


I found this very cool video regarding using the OPZ as a midi controller with Ableton:

Everything works fine except that I can’t map the OPZ knobs to Ableton parameters. When I hit midi map and move the knobs, nothing is mapped. Please note that I did exactly what was indicated in the video in terms of settings (remote is activated in the preferences). This is weird…

If someone might have an idea, it would be awesome. Thanks a lot


Problem solved: factory reset

Hey VersatileWave,

I followed the steps in the youtube video, and factory reseted OPZ, but I still can’t map OPZ knobs to Ableton parameters. Ableton is receiving midi messages from OPZ though. Wondering which step I got it wrong?


Hi! Did you check in midi control preferences if you unselected « mpe » and selected all other options « remote » and so on?
Should work then