Martin Stimming reviewed my OP-Z track!

OK, so it’s not as cool as it sounds, but it’s still pretty damned cool:

There’s a website that Stimming promoted on his Instagram where you can send your tracks to artists for them to critique

I’m generally a hobo and this was pretty expensive (varies per artist - it’s $50 US for Stimming, but there was a 40% introductory discount so it was $30 which is still expensive!) but I just had to submit, as he’s not only a wonderful musician but a very entertaining critic with excellent taste.

it was quite useful, and just a joy to have Stimming critique my stuff, and I’m pretty happy with this, even though his criticism was pretty harsh (though also quite generous about other aspects)!

I don’t think I would have taken it seriously if it wasn’t so!

Here’s the review:

Here’s the track:


Loved the track. I’d lose the sting pad a bit.

I started listening to the review. The audio was so bad, I don’t know how he can criticize you!

You have to pay for somebody to review your track? Why?

Thank you! Stimming had the same advice about the pad - though i’ve never heard the term “sting pad” - what makes something a sting pad? like sting from the police?

and yeah there was a lot of wind noise - i sent feedback about that to critique the critique - “the wind effect is much too loud”

You wouldn’t pay a bit to have one of your favourite musicians make a video for you critiquing your track?

On top of being known for his music, Stimming is also known for being a very entertaining critic - imagine your favourite musician and your favourite youtube synth reviewer doing a mini episode on your music!

Could it be string pad?

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aah that makes more sense…

No, I wouldn’t. It’s one thing to pay someone for their work or their content. It’s another thing to buy their attention.

ok, mr no fun pants

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I’m guessing review might be the wrong word? its more like someone you admire taking time to listen to your music and then giving advice, at least that’s what I thought when I saw the video? (though I’d say its shame he couldn’t have taken a little more care over it.) I certainly don’t think its anything to be mean about, this kind of advice can be really helpful.


yes that’s exactly right - and yes, it is quite helpful. i mean in my case the music i’m doing isn’t his genre, but otherwise, who better to give you advice than someone who’s at the top of the game in terms of what you’re trying to do

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