Massive Attack Angel bass sound

Well, the title really says it all. I’m looking for what sounds like a really simple sine bass but it has been eluding me. If anyone is familiar with the album Mezzanine by Massive Attack, the first song has what I consider to be the best synth bass sound I have ever heard. But then I got to thinking, maybe it’s a sine bass and an actual electric bass layered. Anyway, I’ve scoured op1fun and tried every engine but I can’t seem to get it right. If anyone has any knowledge on how to get close or maybe a patch to share, I would appreciate it. Loving having my op-1 back and loving this forum. Was listening to op-1 tracks all afternoon and there are some talented folks here.

Could you sample the bass sound from the song ? isolate one moment when you hear the bass and only the bass and use the sampler ?
Or, if the bass sound is never alone in the song you can try to use a high filter to keep only the bass frequencies.

Let me know I’m very interested by your project

An quick way to reach such sound would indeed be a low-pass filter such as the one provided in ITER.
I would try a unisson to get a big sound, very filtered, and highly compressed…

I’m going to try both of these suggestions. Will keep you posted. If I have to sample, I will but was really trying to get it close with a synth engine just because I like to have glide with whatever mono sound I’m working with. These are both good tips. Thank you!

Just for the notice, this is what talking about, very first seconds.

This track has always haunted me, I just loved it first time I heard it and never ceased to love it.
It’s soft yet very powerful, and the gentle vibrating voice of Horace Andy is just a perfectly match to Massive Attack’s dark sound.
Absolut love.

It’s just perfect. Perfect.

Here is my best bass patch tweaked to match that video to some degree. Try to fiddle with the parameters, maybe it will fit the sound you have in mind.

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Awesome. Just downloaded it. Will transfer it over tonight. Put this in Synth sampler, correct? Thank you

Yeah, it’s just a normal patch with “.op1” suffix added to the file name. Remove the suffix and put it into some folder inside ‘synths’ directory.

I got it in there. It sounds good. Will mess with it today. I was also thinking about what someone else mentioned in this thread; I could also try to simply sample the bass from the actual song. That would be in accordance with MA and continue the tradition. I’ve released lots of music (under my name, Grady Nickel, it’s on all the streaming sites) and gotten a few placements that help pay the bills but I have NEVER finished any songs completely with the op-1. My goal is to at least make an EP and put it up on Soundcloud. So yeah, that bass sound, I want that for my music and it doesn’t have to be an exact rip. That patch sounds great.

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Let me know when you sampled the bass and created a patch !

great project