Master FX bug - help needed

I have used the previous OS for some time now (the one that first introduced DNA and Sketch) but have found that when I try to access the master FX from tape, the OP-1 crashes. I think I remember reading that this is a known bug. I installed the most recent OS but the problem is still there. I’ve yet to try a format drive/factory reset/reinstall the OS, but is this the way to go? Has anybody had the same issues and did the format/reset/reinstall action work? Thanks for any info guys!

I don’t have firsthand experience, but believe a format / reset has worked before from what I’ve read. Worth a shot, since you can back up everything userland anyways.

I’ve had this error in the past and I just got it again now. Just backup your data, format it, and everything’s back to normal.

Sux that it still hasn’t been fixed–kills my vibe yo

Backed up, formatted, fixed. Thanks folks!

I encountered this problem tonight and it was a terrifying moment, I had no clue what was going on with the OP-1 everything was working, but no sound would come out, although if I played any recording on the (Album) it would sound perfectly… now if I head to Mixer mode and press on FX, the OP-1 crashes and a terminal message comes up!

I’m glad I’m not the only one encountering this problem… How do I go about Formatting the OP-1 properly?

It’s a few weeks since I did it, but I think this is the correct way as I’m in work and doing it from memory… (Someone will correct me if I’m wrong)

Back up anything you want to keep that you currently have on your OP-1 (I saved my custom drum & synth patches and the current tape to a folder on my PC).

If you don’t have the current OS, download it - I would do so at this stage.

Hold SHIFT & COM while switching the OP-1 on - this will take you to the boot menu.

Press the corresponding button for “Format Drive” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once formatted, I then dragged my custom patches back into the OP-1 folders and restarted it.

Hey presto! No bug! Hope it works out for you…