Master Track chord progression + pattern chain sequencing fails

Hello! I’m getting a lot of use but also a lot of headaches from the master track chord progression sequencing feature when trying to put together songs with pattern chains.

If I play a pattern on it’s own it always plays the correct progression, but when I chain patterns it gets the wrong chord for the first few beats of the next pattern.

This happens depending on which patterns i chain together. two patterns might chain fine together, but if i chain a different first pattern to the same second pattern, it will mangle the initial chord of the second pattern.

I’ve tried various things like sequencing full chords in the master track (vs just notes) and adding and muting extra chords in the patterns to make sure it interprets the chords correctly, and sometimes it works, but much of the time it doesn’t and it’s driving me crazy to the point where i’m ready to abandon using the master at all and start just making separate patterns for each chord change which seems like a waste of this (potentially) awesome feature, and of patterns.

does anyone know how to fix or work around this?


Hi Johnny, maybe this can help you OP-Z guide: master
I think by default master track is in latch mode, when you input notes they stay until another trigger is set or the bar is over
So if you turn the track into free mode (hold track button and rotate blue dial to show blue color) might solve your problem

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thanks - i had done this already and it did help a lot (the problems were way worse before I discovered the latch/free function) and I found some other tricks like nudging master notes in one direction or another and shortening them (in free mode) but I stil get this issue when I have a pattern that begins with a master imposed chord.

Ok, I hope you’ll find a solution !

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