Master Track microtiming?

Hi, I noticed that recording the Master track notes, with the lowest resolution (setting to 9 the number of pattern length - i didn’t try with other lengths) the recorded pattern comes out quantized and it’s not possible edit microtiming. Is that how it is supposed to work or am I missing something ?


All automation is recorded once per step, so when you slow the track down, the steps get pretty long.

I don’t think it’s resolution problem, I tried with a snare track and it keeps the timing although the length is on 9.

you may put the master track to momentary action which you can access with track&the blue dial on nr 2

it’s a bit stiff on Mode 1 and quantized

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Thanks ! That worked !
Now the only problem is that when it returns on the first beat doesn’t get the right note immediately (at least for the arpeggiator engine), it starts to get the right note after a bit. I don’t know if it’s a bug that delays the reading of the trigger or whatever else but like this makes the master track only playable by hand if you want something precise, i.e. you can’t have a precise recorded sequence on that track.