Master track question

I’m wondering if there is a way to use the master track in different ways on separate tracks? Say I’ve used it to transpose the bass line can I bounce the bass line down somehow, so I can then use the master track to transpose the chords in a different way?

Yeah I really live the transpose on the master track. You can hold shift and select the tracks that do or don’t transpose. I’m no expert on sampling on the Z but I’m not sure internal sampling is possible. Happy to be wrong there. You could record out and sample the bass back in I guess.

Yes I’ve been using the shift button to only let it effect certain tracks. I’m not sure it sampling would be the way to go, but it would be great if you could somehow lock or bounce down the effected track - so you could delete the master track and apply it in a different way to the other tracks. Copying it into a DAW then back into the OP-Z might be the only way to go, unless someone knows a trick.