Master Volume Knob Cap replacement

So this just happened to be the one they DIDN’T include in the replacement knob kit. My google-fu is weak, and my op-1 looks ugly without the white cap… Anyone know where I can get this?

bump… anybody???

Hey, I have the same pb with a missing white cap (I was sold the OP-1 without it).

I’m OK with that so far, but I would like to find a way to replace it.
Best would be with the original button, of course.
I fond of chicken knobs but on OP-1, I’m not sure it would add to the overall aspect ^^

Seems I have no water to bring to your mill.

i had also the same problem so i found this replacement (in a local electronics store and kind enough to let me check it ) better as far my needs and with a nice red feel .dont worry bother checking at some local stores you will be surprised by how cheap you can find a decent replacement

Yes, my shitty knob had the top fall of within a few weeks of owning the op-1, so much for great build quality.

I haven’t found a direct replacement but google “d-shaft knobs” and you will find plenty of suitable replacements.

I should have updated this… My low Bb key also fell off shortly after this happened. I emailed TE and they sold me a new knob cap and the key. Very cheap, and they didnt charge me for shipping if I remember correctly. My OP-1 has been looking great for awhile now!

Daaaamn !

Never thought of contacting TE on this one…
I’ll do this right away, thx !

the top of my orange knob fell off. I replaced it with some glue and veneer. then i used an orange highlighter to color the wood. then covered it with varnish.

How about some Sugru?

One volume knob is 6€, FYI.

Plus 3€ shipment with EU.
One is coming home : it’s our very first anniversary with my OP-1, I think he deserves it :smiley:

So here is the thing. The replacement part is out of stock. But if you take a white flat thumbtack cut off the sharp part and superglue it on to the volume knob. It looks like new and fits perfectly over the knob. I know it’s kinda sketch but if you can’t find a replacement diy it bro

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