Anyone signed up for any of the classes?

I’ve been thinking about signing up for the Deadmau5 one and wondered if anyone else had already watched it?
I’m not a huge fan of his music but I have massive respect for his technical and gear knowledge and his production quality is excellent. I just thought it would be interesting to get an insight into his way of working.

The Hans Zimmer one also looks worth a pop too! Think this would be fascinating!

At £70 a pop each it’s pretty pricey - but you get access to them for life.
Or there’s the £350 years subscription to be able to watch all the masterclass videos.

Those are the two I have my eye on. Instagram ads work!!!

I’m thinking the deadmaus one as a birthday gift to myself in January for my 40th!

If you use Ableton the Mad Zach course is excellent also.

literally signed up to the hans Zimmer one this afternoon. I do music and sound design for tv ads and VR so thought it could be interesting, but so far it is pretty focussed on film format and traditional orchestral scoring. I’m gonna watch a few more this evening and decide if I go for the 30 day money back thing.

What’s the Mad Zach course?

Zimmer one interests me because it’s orchestra scoring. I’ve never done it but really love playing Komplete strings, piano and other orchastraic instruments. Would love to give it a bash.

@spacetravelmadeeasy I’ve just skipped through a few, don’t think this is for me so I’m going to see if I can get refunded. If you’re into learning the concepts and narrative etc. for approaching writing a traditional score, sounds like this could be suitable.

Not be “that guy”, but pretty sure these have all made their way into youtube somewhere…

One of my students mentioned it to me (about the Deadmau5 one specifically) - might’ve been pulled by now.

I imagine they won’t be up on Youtube etc too long. will be keeping tabs bigtime

@spacetravelmadeeasy here it is…’s-ultimate-sound-pack-tutorial?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Text%2BLink&utm_term=Dan&utm_content=021213-mad-zach-soundpack-youtube&utm_campaign=Mad%2BZach%2BSoundpack%2BTutorial

My good lady bought me the course for Christmas a couple of years ago

I watched the Deadmau5 one. It was interesting, but was more around the basics and industry - he’s a good story teller.