Mastering in the OP-1 vs a DAW

That’s pretty much it—I have a number of #jamuary jams that I finally want to develop into songs and I’m wondering what workflow I should go with. I do like the idea of being a purist and embracing the “OP-1 sound” but also I keep having this nagging feeling that I should use a DAW instead. I have basic DAW knowledge so there would be a learning curve either way

It’s not like there are many options on OP-1, but you can try to master a whole track on it.
I find it way easier on Ableton, for sure, but OP-1 Battles often restrict it so I still do it once in a while ^^

I strongly advise to read Mike Senior’s Mixing Secrets for Small Studios.
No secrets really, just simple knowledge of a few key points when it comes to mixing.
First chapters are essential: treating your room, getting monitors, and being careful about bass that usually eat all the dynamics.
Very precious advices in there.