Max Synth Synthesis patches = 100, but unit ships w/ 160

Hi everyone,

Proud owner of a 2-week old brand-new unit here. I got the whole package with its quirks (e.g DNA synth visuals, battery level issue, blips & blops etc.) and none of them really matters, this is a fantastic piece of gear.

This is a great community as well, and as I was trying to figure out how many patch/sample I can load to the unit, I saw posts like this and that, where everybody agrees on the max # of synth synthesis patches is 100.

Question is how come it is possible, as it ships with 160 of them (16 for each engine)? And more importantly can I bloat it with say 50 or more safely?

Thanks in advance, happy to be here, cheers!

AFAIK the built-in patches and user-made patches are stored differently; it’s possible that the 100 patch limit applies only to the user-made patches (saved in /Synth/snapshot and /Drum/snapshot).

I don’t see the built-in patches anywhere in the data that OP-1 exposes when connecting via USB so I would assume they are part of the ROM/OS or something (stored separately/differently).

Thanks @raigan, this makes sense.