Maximum of 12 drum samples instead of 24?

All the documentation says you can put a maximum of 24 samples in a drum kit, at a maximum of 12 seconds - but I’ve created snare kits with 24 samples each and when I go to the sample editor on the OP-Z, it always only shows me the first 12 of them! and i can’t access the other 12 by scrolling or anything.

anyone know why this is happening or what to do about it?

your kit is less than 12 seconds correct?
where // how did u create them? w/ the op1 drum utility?
what is the file format // specs of your kits?

also maybe check yoru import.log file
might have some insight? maybe not but ya never know

Ooops - found the problem - I had accidentally saved the aiff’s as stereo files, so it was cutting them in half

converted to mono, and now all 24 shots are there