Maybe of interest to Gameboy owning Volcateers or Pocket Operators

DMG-01 sync output from nanoloop or lsdj, £5 plus postage, simply plugs into link port, no more chopping up cables!
Note it is only sync output from gameboy, not sync input.

WANT! Inbox! :slight_smile:


super elegant. nice job man

Thanks guys!

Also made a sync i/o adapter for GBA/SP models, price for this one is £10

Payment sent! :slight_smile:

In the post ^ :slight_smile:

Does the GBA\SP one work with gameboy micro?

@DOMAIN if you have micro to gba cable or adapter it should do.

Any DMG-07 owners who can solder might find this useful:

Heads up to any NL mono owners, when testing these with NL mono I found a sync glitch bug, I reported it to Oliver and he fixed it, so you want to make sure you are using 1.0.3 or later.

hey is this bug where the sync is 1 step off?

@docshermsticks Yes exactly, there was also a short burst of fast pulses when the first pulse should be whenever the bug occurred. I noticed that sometimes no burst and the sync was fine, but whenever there was a burst it was like the sync pulse was inverted - ie high where it should be low and vice versa.

nice! yea seems to be working fine now after updating

i reported this to oliver too awhile back.
glad to see it got fixed!