Mbxone m2 synth. Anybody tried these?


Sounds cool

man if they can put a usb host port on this, why can’t anybody else?

Someone once mentioned that there’s a license problem with the Host, which makes it much more expensive than the actual parts are. Dunno. In this case they might be able to implement because it’s DIY, could be…

ah interesting. that angle never would have occurred to me.

this synth looks super cute too btw. sounds like a new age kids keyboard.

LUFA is an open source, MIT license style USB stack implementation of both device and host mode. There’s even a commercial license available if you’d rather not disclose what USB stack you’re rolling on your product.

I’m guessing the reason is simply added complexity, cost, and the fact that most “serious” users have a Midi/USB hardware (e.g. IConnect Midi) anyway.